First Steps in Data Visualization

Let’s talk a bit about the first steps in data visualization. Data visualization is the graphical representation of data and information. By using visual elements such as tables, graphics and maps, data visualization tools provide an accessible way of seeing and understanding tendencies, atypical values and patterns in data.

In the big data world, data visualization tools and technologies are essential to analyse big quantities of data and taking data based decisions.


Visualización de datos

How can we start?

  1. Gathering requirements, questions such as How? What?, Which one/s? Why? are crucial to starting and giving shape to your project
  2. Making a short analysis of the global objective, mission and vision of the organization
  3. Analysing the business. Depending on the project, it can be the entire organization or just an area of it, but it is necessary to have good domain knowledge.



Visualización de datos

What else?

  1. If the work team that will deal with the problem is not already formed, it’s time to board it, integrate it and establish joint work mechanisms.
  2. It’s not a minor detail that by this time, the project must be well defined in relation to its scope and objectives and it also must be completely aligned with the organization.
  3. Apart from the work team, it’s necessary to have domain users in order to validate the metrics. They will work as references at the moment of building your solution



Visualización de datos

First steps in data visualization

Minute 1: From the data

  • Identify data sources: Do I have access? Is it internal? Is it external? Is it possible for me to use it?
  • Investigate about data and don’t take their validity for granted: updates, entry modes, is it necessary to deal with them?


Minute 1: From the design

  • Capture the concept that is trying to get transmitted taking into account the target audience
  • Select colours, typography, potential graphics, filter structure, templates



Do you apply these or other steps at the time of starting a project?


First steps in data visualization: get to know how we work

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